WhatsApp te permitirá compartir vídeos tipo boomerang, como Instagram

WhatsApp allows you to share boomerang videos, like Instagram

If you have not lived in a cave in recent years and have an Instagram account, it is totally impossible that you have not seen any video in the app. Instagram nickname this type of video as a boomerang and what they do is constantly play a small video back and forth quickly, to emphasize something in it. Normally we see this type of videos in Instagram stories, but soon, you can share this type of videos directly from the WhatsApp application.

If you have already been running to see if you have this feature on your phone, we are sorry to tell you that you waste your time. From WABetaInfo already have been able to try this new function, but as they themselves indicate, it is not yet in any public version of WhatsApp, not even in the beta version that we can access from Google Play. Anyway, we can see on video that the function works correctly, so it should not take long to be implemented.

Logic WhatsApp: no to dark mode, s to boomerangs

We can't complain when WhatsApp implements new features, but honestly: why don't they listen to users? We've been waiting for the dark mode for years for this instant messenger application and we have found that feature in some beta versions, but its development has ceased and we do not know when it could arrive. In return, Facebook offers us functions that nobody has asked for and that are not necessary at all, as is the case with the boomerangs that we see today in the last version of application development.

As we can see in the video, when we want to share short videos (7 seconds or less), we will have three options available: share it as a video, as a GIF or as a boomerang. For this last option we see that the icon is that of an arrow towards the back, but probably change in the final version (It would make sense that it was an infinite, as in Instagram). If we choose that option, we will see how the video now plays faster than normal and then advances in reverse, repeatedly.

Come on, if you've seen some boomerang video on Instagram sabrs to spare how this feature works. That's right, but Again we say that we prefer useful and useful functions, as the dark mode, to this type of news that nobody has asked for and that probably uses a minority of users.

Source |WABetaInfo