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What is the mobile with the best camera on the market in 2019?

mejores moviles camaras

The camera of a mobile phone is among the decisive features today to opt for one model or another. After all, it is a camera that always accompanies us (since we always carry our cell phone on top).

And since most phones – especially high-end phones – are very similar in terms of performance and screen quality, photography and video is where manufacturers can differentiate their offer from that of their rivals.

The objective behind this comparative article is to discover which phone has the best cameras to take pictures, videos and selfies

We have tested and compared five phones with the best cameras currently available: iPhone XS Max, Galaxy S10 Plus, Google Pixel 3 XL, Huawei P30 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9.

As the iPhone XS has cameras identical to those of the Max, our comments apply to both phones. And the same goes for the Pixel 3, which shares the cameras of the XL.

Samsung uses the same rear cameras on the S10 as the Plus we discussed here, but the S10 lacks the secondary camera with depth sensor in the front, so our review in this case it only partially applies to S10.

You will not find all the flagship phones in this article, since we only include those that have cameras good enough to be called "the best".

This is not determined by the specifications or features, but by the quality of the photos and videos they produce.

How we test mobile cameras

Instead of trying to compare the cameras scientifically, we took pictures and videos as anyone would. This means using the default settings and taking pictures by hand, not with a tripod.

The only settings we changed were to disable the beauty modes of the cameras selfie and choose the highest resolution and frame rate for video samples, so you can see the best quality offered.

Most manufacturers make 1080p at 30fps the default setting because it uses much less storage space, but this is far from being the best quality available: all the phones in this review They are able to record in 4K.

Camera tests

We have kept comparisons with the main functions: photos with the main camera (including portrait modes with blurred backgrounds), selfies and videos. The additional modes, or lack thereof, have no impact on our verdicts.

Camera applications

The experience of taking photos is almost as important as the results, so the application of the camera is a key factor in our reviews, since this can make the difference between a phone that offers a completely perfect photographic experience to another that has just become a nightmare.


Our hope is that you end up with a very good idea of ​​how the cameras of each phone work in the real world, but judging the image quality is inherently subjective.

Some people prefer processed images, because they are clearer and have saturated colors, while others prefer a more natural look. In addition, the screen on which photos and videos are displayed also influences.