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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge or Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you choose

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge o Samsung Galaxy Note 4, tu eliges

If a phone, (phablet, if we speak with property), the attention of Berlnese’s past IFA was undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The terminal signed by the Korean manufacturer is a breath of fresh air in the telephone world. And eye, I do not say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not a parting beast and an excellent terminal, sure it will be, but coming from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as is my case the jump is unprofitable, so his brother morefashionI find it more interesting, at least a priori.

We saw last year as the terminals with flexible screens such as the LG G Flex or the Samsung Galaxy Round, especially the latter,they did not go from being concepts not suitable for all public and pockets, so much so that Samsung’s terminal has not reached almost any market.

In this sense the recent ones may not surprise usstatements coming out of the Korean giant, more exactly of its president, D.J Lee. At a press event held in South Korea, I affirm that:

The curved screen device is a limited edition concept.

A risky bet with which Samsung seems to continue the trials, so it seems if not impossible, if complicated to acquire it normally. First point against, which is confirmed when we know that first arrive at the South Korean stores at the end of October and as sales go, they will determine the launch date in other countries, although a possible arrival is considered for the end of November.

But it is that if with this data, more than one interested party is not thrown back,There is still another to confirm, of no less importance as is the price. We have seen media that encrypt the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the traditional one, at 729 euros, a price that escapes the possibilities and the acceptable range by many users.

This price, already high, will be overshadowed by that of this Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, whichRumors are heard, and I repeat, they are only rumors, which will approach a price of 1000 eurosthat will make it a competitor of the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of cost. A telephone (phablet) exclusive at an equal price of elitist.

The advantage of Samsung terminals is thatthey fall in price quicklyand even if they come out with a high value, it drops considerably in a short time. Thus, although it is worth 729 euros (Samsung Galaxy Note 4) it is not surprising to see it for 500 before Christmas.

If with this data, you still have not had a heart attack or a scare,You may then be able to access this terminal, that leaving aside the striking or useful of its curved screen, is still very interesting, at least in the absence of being able to know or try one to determine its operation.

In my case I know that if I can,one will have a place in your pocket at the time the prices are containedand in the worst case, his more classic brother, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, will be a more valid alternative.

But and to you,how about? Do you consider the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge as a viable phablet?