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News of the week: iPhone goes in every free, rumors of Pixel 4 and Note 10 almost arrives

News of the week: iPhone goes in every free, rumors of Pixel 4 and Note 10 almost arrives


The iPhone in each free.

Angela Lang / CNET

This week Apple has released its financial results and everything seems to indicate that the iPhone is losing ground and some brands may be favoring more than the rest.

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Love for the iPhone in every free: Huawei fault …


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Apple's financial results determine that the iPhone sales fell, and although revenues have increased, the truth is that profits have barely grown. The area in which the company has benefited the most is in services and also in that of wearables.

If you wonder who is staying with Apple users, a Counterpoint Research study has the answer: Samsung is still the number one cell phone seller in the world followed by Huawei, Apple maintains third place, and then they come Xiaomi and Oppo.

Something that may interest you to know is that the data of the last quarter show that Huawei had a lower growth than in the internal years, although it slightly increased the sale of devices. This could be an indication of how the conflict with the United States affects the Chinese manufacturer, which could launch its next flagship cell phone, the Huawei Mate 30, the next month of October.

The Pixel 4 It has also been news this week. Google shared more cell phone details, including that have a secure facial unlock similar to Apple's Face ID, and that will have gesture controls through a bezel with sensors from the Project Soli.

Next week will be the event of Galaxy Note 10 launch, and a YouTube video of a model has already shown us how Samsung's star phone will be. We will be at the New York event, and we will cover you through a live blog, which you can follow live on our website.

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