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How to uninstall and disable apps preinstalled on Android

When you use a newly purchased mobile for the first time, you may be surprised to see that it already comes with some pre-installed applications beyond those that correspond to the Android operating system.

In this sense, you may find the manufacturer's app store, tools and even social media games or applications that you have no intention of using ever. This is known as bloatware or software of filling.

Below we explain how to get rid of this software Inflated that only makes it take up storage space. We teach you to remove pre-installed apps on Android or, if not possible, to disable them.

It is also true that, if what you want is to avoid having to follow the steps that we indicate in this article, you can always bet on a smartphone don't come with bloatware: mobile phones with Android One as the Google Pixel 3.

What is bloatware or filler software and what is it for?

The English term bloatware refers to that software which is preinstalled on a device by the manufacturers after the operating system has been installed. They can be free versions of paid apps like mail or a calendar.

In Spanish, it is usually known as software Inflated, inflated or filled, very appropriate names since it is precisely what these pre-installed apps do: occupy storage space unnecessarily.

The bloatware Not only is it present in smartphones. We have been finding it on Windows computers since practically always. Windows 10 even includes the Candy Crush video game, although the most common are antivirus test versions.

Manufacturers pay for these programs to be installed as standard and, although they are very annoying, it is one of the reasons why the devices can be put up for sale at a lower price.

Most of bloatware that we found in smartphones Today they are duplications of applications, and not extra apps, whose only objective is to annoy. It is the way brands have to use your version of Android.

Can you remove the bloatware?

Luckily, not all the bloatware It can be removed. While it is usually possible to delete trial versions, many of the manufacturers' apps are impossible to delete. This is very annoying, but you have the possibility to disable them.

How to remove preinstalled apps on Android

As we said, there are some applications that can be deleted on your Android device. The only way to know if this is possible is to try to eliminate them with the steps below.

one. Go to Settings and access the section Applications low Device.

two. You will see a list of all the applications that you have installed on your smartphone. Touch on the app you want to delete.