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How to read a message on WhatsApp without the sender knowing

How to read a message on WhatsApp without the sender knowing

Surely on more than one occasion you have found yourself in this situation: you want to read a new WhatsApp message, but you don't feel like responding immediately. How to do it without the two appearing ticks blues?

As you know, this application notifies if the recipient has received and / or read the message or not to the person who sends a message by using ticks.

  • A tick gray means that the message has been sent
  • Two ticks gray means that the message has been received
  • Two ticks blue means that the message has been read

In this article, we explain the various possibilities that you have at your fingertips to be able to know what they have written to you without the issuer in question noticing. To do this, you only need to have the WhatsApp app downloaded in your smartphone.

If you have a smartwatch or activity monitor Able to receive WhatsApp messages – such as Fitbit Ionic or Apple Watch -, make sure you don't open them automatically and mark them as seen.

On the other hand, if you also do not want anyone to know that you have read their message in the Facebook Messenger app, you are interested in taking a look at the recommendations that we offer in this article.

Method 1. Disable read confirmations

WhatsApp gives you the option of completely deactivating the read confirmation function. That means that your contacts won't see you both ticks blue when you read their messages or see them when they read yours.

Keep in mind that these changes to the WhatsApp configuration will not affect the groups, which will continue to show whether or not you have read the message. To deactivate read confirmations, follow the steps below:

one. Open the application Whatsapp and tap on the menu of Configuration. If you use iPhone, you will find it in the lower right corner. If you are an Android user, you should access the menu of Settings touching on the three horizontal lines.

two. Now, tap on Account and, in the new screen, select the section Privacy.

3. Next, locate the option Read Confirmations and the switch on that is on the right.

4. Finally, disable the switch to stop sending and receiving read confirmations.