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How to navigate privately on an Android smartphone or tablet

How to navigate privately on an Android smartphone or tablet

You may think that nobody can see what you are looking for online from your smartphone or tablet, but the truth is that all activities on-line They are monitored by companies with many interests in knowing what you do on the web.

These range from your Internet service provider to the government, through companies that simply want to advertise their products. However, it is possible to put a stop to this by using some of these methods to navigate on Android.

Method 1. Activate private browsing mode

You might think that the most logical thing to navigate privately on your Android is to use the incognito mode that all web browsers usually offer. However, this does not fully guarantee that anonymity you are looking for.

It is true that your searches will not be registered in your mobile or tablet Android, but I know that they will be visible to your Internet provider, the web pages you visit and your company if you use a common connection.

In addition, any files you download while you are browsing the Internet remain in the download folder once you have finished, which means that you must manually remove them from there.

Thus, the private browsing modes of browsers are a good option if you want to prevent someone from your home from knowing what you have searched on the Internet. On the other hand, if you want to go a little further, a VPN will help you make your browsing totally private.

How to activate private browsing mode in Chrome on Android

When you open the Google Chrome app on your Android device, you must tap on the icon with three vertical dots and click on New incognito in the drop-down menu. Vers that the interface darkens when activating private mode.

How to activate private browsing mode in Microsoft Edge on Android

In the Microsoft Edge browser, you should touch the icon with three horizontal dots in the lower right corner and select New InPrivate Window from the options that will appear in the drop-down menu.

How to activate private browsing mode in Firefox on Android

Although the standard Firefox browser app also has a private browsing mode, we recommend that you download the separate Firefox Focus application, as it always offers private browsing.

Method 2. Use a VPN service

VPN services create a kind of secure and encrypted tunnel through which you connect to the Internet. That makes it virtually impossible for any company or person to get to know what you do online.

Best of all, using a VPN connection is very simple. Most apps for Android have a button that you should press to establish the connection and, seconds later, your device is already protected.

There are many VPN services. Among the paid ones, we recommend NordVPN Y ExpressVPN, although you would like to know that there are also free private browsing networks that offer very good features such as TunnelBear.

What is the safest web browser for Android?

Although all the most popular web browsers have a private mode, there are other applications that have been built from the beginning to offer that desired anonymity, which allows them to protect your privacy on-line more effectively.

One of our favorites is Startpage, since it has a policy of not collecting any type of information while browsing the Internet, including your IP address, which is usually how the websites get to know where you are and who you are.

This is achieved through encryption called the secure ports layer, which allows your Internet provider to not know what you are looking for. In addition, your browsing history will be deleted and anonymized to ensure that protection.