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How to improve the wifi signal of my router

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If it turns out that you have problems with the Wi-Fi connectivity of your home and the coverage is lost or simply the connection speed has declined or has degraded, you should know that it is a problem that you can solve by simply changing the broadcast channel of your router

It may not be as simple as changing the channel on your TV, but with our step-by-step instructions you can change the channel of your router Wi-Fi to avoid interference that occurs with your neighbors' connections.

First of all, you should know that many of the router current use a dual band connection technology, so they use both the 2.4 GHz frequency band for 802.11n and the 5GHz band for 802.11ac and 802.11n. In fact, there is a channel option for each frequency.

Essentially, the router They can choose from many different channels and many choose it in the initial configuration based on how free or congested other networks are located in the local local area.

The best Wi-Fi channel, therefore, is one that is not being used by other neighboring connections. When manually switching to a less congested channel, or one that is not being used by any other network, your Wi-Fi should improve significantly.

We will show you how to identify which channels are more saturated and congested so you can change the channel in which you router issues the signal.

How to identify the channel of my wifi signal?

When a neighbor changes from router or as an operator, it is likely that yours adheres to the predetermined channel or the one you chose when you first set it up, which is why it can present a high speed one day, and the next day, offer an excellent quality.

Some white-label routers, such as those usually installed by any home fiber operator, can change their channel to avoid interference, but at a very basic level. That is why we recommend having a router more advanced that is more parameterizable in order to improve the quality of the signal.

When several Wi-Fi networks overlap by the intensity with which they emit, they can cause so much interference between them that they end up offering slow speeds to the connected devices, which means that the web pages take longer to load and the videos on streaming They will get to stand or chop.

If the poor coverage of the Wi-Fi is the cause of the problem, you can also solve it by deploying a Wi-Fi mesh kit, what we know today as Mesh network with products such as those offered by brands such as AVM.

Expand your network with Mesh

With Mesh it is possible that several devices distributed throughout the rooms of your house manage to generate several Wi-Fi networks, so that they join them in a single network similar to a mesh (mesh in English). For practical purposes, this wireless network maintains the same name and password.

The devices communicate with each other and depending on your location or device used, you receive the signal with the best possible quality and speed so that you have the best possible connectivity result.

The Fritz model! Repeater 3000, which you can buy on Amazon, facilitates its start-up so that you only have to press the WPS button both in the router as in the repeater so that the devices are linked.