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How to improve the battery life of the mobile

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The performance and power offered by any current mobile phone, with a multitude of CPU cores and a large amount of RAM in its possession, guarantees that there are hardly any differences between one and the other models, except for the distances between the economic models of input range and the ms premium.

However, a common problem in all of them is to guarantee good autonomy times with batteries that allow us to use them all day without having to resort to a plug or power supply.

With the arrival of the new generations, manufacturers have taken pains to work together with suppliers of software in order to optimize the use of energy and ensure high energy efficiency. However, there are many tasks that we perform with these devices and their large screens.

With the fast charging function, already supported by the vast majority of terminals, this need has been partially met. However, we are going to reveal some adjustments here and there that will help you to squeeze the maximum capacity of your mobile battery.

These are some of our tips that we have put into practice countless times and that will allow you to prolong the useful life of your battery smartphone, not only to save time every day, but also not to shorten the useful life of your battery.

If you carry out all these indications and your phone still does not offer the expected performance, it may be because the useful life of your terminal's battery is already in decline or has some failure, so you should rethink your replacement.

You can always resort momentarily to take with you any of the best power bank or external batteries for your mobile Check out some here Buying tips to choose the best power bank.

1. Locate the applications that consume the most battery on your mobile

First of all, know what causes the battery to run out prematurely on your device. To do this, go to the menu Settings> Android Battery where you will get a report on whether your applications run normally.

Depending on the Android version of your mobile phone, you will have more or less details. Tap on the three dots in the upper right of the screen and choose Use the battery to see exactly what your cell phone's battery has been using.

A graph like the one shown in the photo will allow you to identify possible anomalies. You also see a complete breakdown of the services and the percentage in a chart that shows how it has run out.

Within the battery menu, you also have access to some useful additional functions. You will find a battery saving option that is probably set to 15% as the default, but you can modify it to your liking.

With the battery saving mode enabled, you can disable some device functions and restrict the use of some apps by the battery, especially with everything that has to do with background updates.

2. Activate the adaptive battery

Go to Settings> Battery> Adaptive battery and slide the tab to activate this mode. This feature introduced in the Android Pie version prevents apps that are not used frequently from exhausting an excessive amount of energy in the background.

Immediately below this option is a list of restricted applications, which will be vacant by default. You cannot put any application you choose on this list; rather, Adaptive Battery monitors applications that are running in the background and if any are using an excessive amount of energy, see a notification.