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How to host and publish on Twitch

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If it turns out that you are a game lover, surely at this point get to know the Twitch platform, a place where fans of games from different platforms, upload and publish their games of games online to share experiences.

Twitch hosting, among many other things, allows you to show any other streaming stream on your channel, making it possible for your viewers to enjoy other popular broadcasts when you're not streaming your games online.

It is also a way to introduce people with talent on Twitch and that people know the talent of the most promising, exposing your videos in a large user base with many followers.

Since there is a lot of confusion about it, we wanted to show you everything that this live video streaming service offers very oriented to gaming environments compared to what it means today on YouTube.

In PCWorld we are experts in Twitch, and here we explain how to host and broadcast on Twitch through desktop computers or mobile devices. You can configure the accommodation on Twitch not only through your PC or Mac, but also from the mobile, with very little effort. We see the methods:

On PC and Mac computers

  1. Go to the Twitch website from any compatible browser and log in to your Twitch account. If you have not opened an account yet, You can create it from here.
  2. Click on your profile icon, located at the top right of the Twitch website and click on Channel to go to your personal Twitch channel.
  3. In your channel, click on the chat window on the right of the page and type Host XX, replacing XX with the username of the Twitch channel you would like to host. It's not as easy to use as Twitter or Instagram, and it won't autocomplete, so make sure you get the correct username.
  4. If the channel you choose is broadcasting, see that your broadcast appears on your page.
  5. To stop hosting another channel, simply type Undo in your chat to remove it from your Channel.

On mobile devices

  1. Discharge the Twitch application from the App Store or Google Play , depending on your mobile operating system.
  2. Open the application and log in, creating an account if you still don't have it.
  3. Touch the cone of your account: it's in the upper right of Android and in the upper left of iOS.
  4. Click on the chat tab to access the chat window of your channel.
  5. As on the desktop, type Host XX, replacing XX with the username of the channel you wish to host.
  6. The accommodation should start immediately.
  7. To stop hosting the channel, just write that you write a host in your channel chat.