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How to access Instagram beta on Android

Cómo acceder a la beta de Instagram en Android

Since a time ago Google Play It has a beta program so that developers can test functions globally with a smaller number of users. The best known are those of WhatsApp or Google Maps, but there are many others. One of the most important is that of Instagram. This social network launches new content every few days and try it as soon as possible is not always possible. The implementation of the news on Instagram is very slow, much more when we talk about the Android application. Today we teach you to install the Instagram beta safely and from Google Play.

Not only can you install the beta of a very safe and without any risk, thanks to Google Play podrs update said beta automatically every time a new version is released. This beta program is open, so it is available to all users. You can try the news of Instagram much earlier than normal.

How to become an Instagram beta tester on Android

Being a beta tester of an application allows you to test the beta versions ahead of time. When Instagram has an almost ready version of the application, it launches it in its beta program to test it globally with a few thousand users. This is very interesting for all users who are not satisfied with regular updates and waiting weeks to try a new function.

Accessing the beta program is really simpleWell, you just have to go to Google Play, enter ‘My apps and games’ and swipe to the ‘Beta’ section. If you have the application installedyou will be able to join the beta program. It only takes a few seconds to accept the conditions. The download of the beta version may take a few minutes, so don't despair if it doesn't download instantly.

Once you are in the beta program you will have beta versions and therefore you can notice some specific failures. We have been in beta for a while and we can say that the versions Instagram launches for this program are quite stable.

Once you are Instagram beta tester You can reverse the process and exit the beta program from the application tab in Google Play. However, we assure you that being able to be in the beta program is a great advantage to be able to try all the news beforehand.

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