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Google Maps improves the interface with new navigation directions

Google Maps mejora la interfaz con nuevas indicaciones de navegación

Google Maps It is one of those fixed applications on all smartphones that is shown to the world as an increasingly utilitarian tool. There are many travelers from all over the world to whom Google Maps has saved more than one unnecessary route, an app that is constantly renewed over the weeks and that, on this occasion, has decided integrate news related to the navigation interface.

The bike stations, the discounts, the real-time location, the public transport and its capacity… Many are the innovations that Google has integrated in its navigation app over the last weeks. The vast majority of them, belonging to Waze such as the section dedicated to radars or the accident report. However, today Google Maps has surprised again with a new functionality that allows us to greatly improve the indications when traveling by car. We tell you all the details of the interface change.

Google Maps pays more attention to directions

Android Police has returned to filter some of the most important news expected for Google Maps. On this occasion, we are talking about a change of interface that significantly improves the indications that the service currently offers. Hereinafter, Users will be able to know what the next indications will be with a greater advance and through a new floating window.

It has happened to all of us. We leave in a hurry to a place where we have no idea how to get there and when we want to realize we have passed the only street through which we can access the fastest route. Touch to turn around with the car and be late for the appointment. The faster, slower … However, Google wants to end this type of situation through the integration of a floating window in which they will show the following indications so that users can keep them in mind at all times.

It's about theMaps version 10.22.1, in which we can also touch the banner itself to access an expanding submenu and where we can find the rest of the indications. Also, this section has a shortcut that will take us directly to the complete route to follow. These new features can now be downloaded from Google Play or through APK Mirror.

Source | Android Police