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Galaxy Note 10: Important news and how Pixel 4 can overcome it

Galaxy Note 10: Important news and how Pixel 4 can overcome it


You can see the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10bequeathed in a few days (on August 7) ​​and to prepare upon arrival we collect here the most important news suggested by the rumors.

What's new in the Galaxy Note 10

S Pen allows you to control the Note 10 without touching it

With each generation of the Galaxy Note, Samsung integrates bringing some novelties to its main differentiation: its styluscalled S Pen.

On this occasion there have been rumors that indicate the possibility that the S Pen will have a microphone and even a camera, but the biggest possibility is that it will have a new function to be able to control the cell phone without touching it. It is not entirely clear how much this function could do or if it would work with all kinds of apps, but it could turn the S Pen into a cell phone remote control.

More cameras and some improved

Samsung has integrated some of the best cameras on the market in recent years and some of the main improvements will now offer triple opening in the main camera (not just double opening) and even the possibility of recording video with blurred background as what offered the Galaxy S10 5G. However, it is not clear if only the Galaxy Note 10 Plus will have that capacity or if all the models will be presented.

Without headphone jack

Samsung had us accustomed to the headphone jack and was one of the few recognized companies that continues to offer this in its main phones. Now, the rumors have made it clear that the Galaxy Note 10 will not have that feature, scarcely leaving LG as the one that continues to offer that kind of component.

Front camera in a centered hole

The Galaxy Note 10 or the two or three models that are expected (as we have mentioned in other Android Update episodes) will maintain that concept that the company introduced in the Galaxy S10 of integrating the camera through a hole in the screen.

However, this time this camera will be centered at the top and there will be no models with double front camera.

MicroSD slot

Another features that Samsung had accustomed us to was the microSD slot, but rumors have suggested that Samsung remove this component in the cheaper model (Note 10), and only offer it in the Galaxy S10 Plus and possibly the Galaxy S10 Plus 5G

How the Pixel 4 can beat the Galaxy Note 10

While Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy Note 10, Google is preparing to launch the Pixel 4 and with this it expects to continue growing in the market that Samsung leads.

For this Google wants to differentiate itself with new features of Samsung phones and other Android devices. These are some novelties in which perhaps the Pixel 4 will overcome the Galaxy Note 10.

Best facial recognition

Google revealed that the Pixel 4 will have facial recognition as well as Soli's technology that will allow it to be controlled through remote gestures.

Although at this time I do not believe that these gestures will change our experience, something clear is that the facial recognition offered by the Pixel 4 will be superior to that of the Galaxy Note 10.

According to the rumors, the Galaxy Note 10 will have only one front camera and no other similar sensor in this front part, so in the best case we can expect a better 2D and not 3D facial recognition.

With what was revealed with Google, it is clear that the Pixel 4 will have a 3D recognition that is much safer.

Best cameras

Google also revealed that the Pixel 4 integrate at least two cameras and up to three.