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4 ways to block advertising on your Android

4 ways to block advertising on your Android

You want to know how to block ads and advertising on your smartphone Android?

If you got here, it is probably because you are tired of having to interrupt the activities in your smartphone Android to have to close annoying ads that jump from time to time when you surf the Internet.

If that is indeed your case, we have good news for you: then we explain how to block all advertising on your Android so you can navigate without interruptions.

You should know that those ads that appear out of nowhere, in addition to being annoying and invasive, can end up depleting all your data in a seen and unseen. That is why we recommend you to carry out some of the tips that we propose below (all of them free).

You may also want to navigate in a safe and intimate way, in that case, you are probably interested in our article: The best free VPN.

1. Use the Opera browser to block advertising

This is undoubtedly the easiest way to block ads on your smartphone Android while browsing the Internet.

The Opera browser (totally free) comes with a adblocker, or ad blocker, in an integrated way, so making use of it can certainly be a very good way to end interruptions due to unwanted ads.

You can download the Opera browser for free by clicking on this link.

However, if you are used to Google Chrome, and do not want to change it to another browser, then you are interested in carrying out our advice number 3. (Do not miss our article on the best web browsers).

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2. How to install Adblock Browser on Android

Another recommended alternative to block ads on your Android smartphone is, without a doubt, download the Adblock Browser application.

Adblock Browser is an extension that you can add to different web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc., which acts as a content filter blocking ads or unwanted advertising.

You can download the version of Adblock Browser for Android for free on Google Play by clicking on this link.