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The gestural controls of the Note 10 work with a S Pen movement

The gestural controls of the Note 10 work with a S Pen movement


The new S Pen gestures can remotely control the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

Angela Lang / CNET

The phones Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Y Note 10 Plus They are full of new features and specifications, but there is a trick for S Pen lovers that Samsung hopes will become your favorite. The digital pencil can now control the Note with gestures in the air.

Last year's Note 9 presented the Bluetooth connection that makes it possible to take photos from a distance by clicking on the S Pen button. Now, Samsung extends that function to gestures. If you soften the pencil from right to left or from top to bottom you can change the camera lens, change mode or advance to the next photo, the next Power Point line or mode on the camera. You can also trace a clockwise movement to zoom an image while taking the photo.

Gestural control is not new. Samsung used a version years ago on its Galaxy phones, when moving your hand in front of the camera sensor allows you to move on to the next photo, for example. This year's LG G8 has motion controls, with little benefit, and Google has already announced that the next Pixel 4 also use gestural controls.

I admit that it was not easy to use the first time I tried and sometimes the movement did not result in the action I wanted. However, the S Pen gives the gestural control to the Note 10 and that is an advantage because it is really remote use, for example when you are giving a presentation, taking a photo or controlling a playlist on the other side of a room.

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