iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 10 Plus: comparative

iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 10 Plus: comparative


iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

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The iPhone XS Max It was launched at the end of 2018, and yet it is still the most suitable option for Apple device users who want a large cell phone in their hands. However the Galaxy Note 10 Plus It is already here, so we will review the specifications of each one so you can make the best purchase decision.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the largest version of Samsung's new phone and its screen measures 6.8 inches. His smaller-sized brother, the Galaxy Note 10, has a 6.3-inch panel. The iPhone XS Max is 6.5 inches, but when we have compared them face to face, we note that Apple's cell phone is not so different from the larger Samsung cell phones.

Differences of the iPhone XS Max and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Because the Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen is larger, it also has a higher resolution and higher pixel density per inch. Samsung's phone continues to allow external storage via microSD, although it has now lost the beloved headphone jack, which means they both lack this and include a connectivity dongle.

An important detail in which the two cell phones differ is in the camera. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus now includes four cameras, one with variable aperture, a wide angle, a telephoto sensor and one of Flight Time, this makes the device allow greater options in the capture of photographs, also includes a camera software with more editing tools.

If we talk about video recording, both allow 4K, but the slow motion recording of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus can be up to 960fps in Full HD, while the iPhone XS Max only offers 240fps in Full HD, yes, both have 60fps in 4K. And something that Apple does not give us is the recording with a blurred background, which this cell phone launches.

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The Galaxy Note 10 Plus maintains the S-Pen that has won a lot of new features.

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Battery, fast charge and security

Other points where both cell phones differ greatly are in the battery and the charge. While the iPhone XS Max still includes a simple 5-watt charger that is quite slow to charge its 3,179mAh battery, the Note 10 Plus not only has 4,300mAh, but also includes a fast 25-watt charge and includes in the box a 25 watt charger.

The iPhone allows fast charging, but does not include the chargers inside the case. Here we have a Special fast charge on the iPhone.

When it comes to security, the Note 10 Plus no longer has an iris sensor like its predecessor, although it does have a fingerprint sensor on the screen. That is, if you like Apple's Face ID, that is still the safest option, and Samsung has not implemented a secure, only basic facial recognition.


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Samsung includes the S-Pen and innovative features through area actions, both cell phones have water resistance, and this cell phone has Android 9 Pie custom. As always, although both phones have different operating systems, the functions of a huge screen phone with the Note 10 Plus seem better at first glance.

The Note 10 allows recording videos with blurred background, record the screen even when you have the front camera active and generally run later easily thanks to multitasking and S-Pen. The biggest attribute of the iPhone XS Max is its compatibility with macOS and iPadOS, which makes working very simple. The iOS interface is somewhat enviable thanks to its stability, but being so expensive cell phones and with a huge screen, we hope you can give us more for our money.

For $ 1,099 you can get an iPhone XS Max 64GB and for the same money a Galaxy Note 10 Plus 256GB, with greater RAM power, more expensive and many better attributes.