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How to know who calls you from an unknown number | Technology and science | Mobile

How to know who calls you from an unknown number | Technology and science | Mobile

Normally we doubt before answering the call from an unknown number. It could be just a telemarketing company trying to sell us something or, on the contrary, it could be an important issue. Is it possible to know?

The answer is s. In the varied market of Applications for mobile there are some that serve to identify hidden or unknown numbers, for example, 'Truecaller'.

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This app, free and available for both Android and iPhone, stores more than 3,000 million phone numbers in its database to identify them for us every time they call us.

'TrueCaller' feeds your database with your users' calendar. When we register, the app asks permission to access our contacts and saves the numbers of the people we have there. In this way, when several users rate a number as unwanted, the application puts it on a blacklist and alerts us every time it calls us.

Another useful application is'Whoscall', which filters 20 million calls a day and identifies half a million of these as annoying or dishonest. According to the company, this is achieved by crossing the calls with a database of 600 million phone numbers

Once the unwanted numbers have been identified, you can block them. And not only the calls that are made from these, but also the text messages that are sent.

And if what you want is to know who is behind the WhatsApp messages, 'Whos calling?'is very useful. This app can detect who corresponds to a message even when the user is not identified by name in the instant messaging service.

It also allows to know the origin of Facebook messenger messages, among other social networks.

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