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HarmonyOS | Huawei | ArkOS | The key dates of the development of your operating system [CRONOLOGA] | Technology and science | Mobile

HarmonyOS | Huawei | ArkOS | The key dates of the development of your operating system [CRONOLOGA] | Technology and science | Mobile

In the middle of the trade war between the United States and China, one of the most affected companies has been Huawei, the second most important mobile manufacturer in the world.

Now, the company just submittedpresent HarmonyOS, your own OS,With which he hopes to put aside his dependence on American technology and deal with Android.

(HarmonyOS | Huawei presents its own operating system and hits Android) (Android vs. iOS: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the most popular operating systems?) (Keys to understanding what an operating system is and for what it serves)

The system was presented by the executive director of the consumer division, Richard Yu, at a press conference in Dongguan City (southern China). The operating system equip the different devices of the brand within the same "ecosystem".

Then the key dates of the development of the operating system of Huawei:

– March 9

The Chinese giant reported that he had presented a lawsuit against the United States Government for the prohibition of its products in the US market, amid accusations of espionage against the company.

– 15 th of May

The United States Department of Commerce announced the inclusion of Huawei and its subsidiaries to the list of companies that cannot buy goods or services from US companies, which meant a blow to Chinese technology due to its technological dependence on US firms.

– may 19

After that, Google announces that it stops providing its operating system Android, installed in the vast majority of mobile phones in the world, Huawei. This decision was added in the following days plus US technology companies that sell supplies to the Chinese company.

– May 20th

The US administration announces the postponement of the impediment until August "to maintain and support existing and currently functioning networks and equipment, including software updates."

– June 1

Beijing raises tariffs on imports from the United States"The authorities will not pursue any particular sector or company," said the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.