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Galaxy S10 Plus | This was the performance of the best Samsung cell phone with video games | Technology and science | Mobile

Galaxy S10 Plus | This was the performance of the best Samsung cell phone with video games | Technology and science | Mobile

If there is something in which we can clearly recognize the progress of technology, it is in the vertiginous evolution of cell phones. These devices have become increasingly multifunctional, to the point that now they not only serve to keep us connected, but also to perform activities as different as, for example, play.

Currently, the mobile industry has taken leaps and bounds in partnership with the developers of video game. The result of this joint work is reflected in titles of the PUBG or Fortnite category, which have nothing to envy to console games. #

(PUBG, the online battle game that sweeps mobile phones)

(Everything you need to know about Free Fire, the video game that runs on almost any smartphone)

However, we must bear in mind that although there are much more modest deliveries in the marketif you want to enjoy the best mobile video games, it is necessary to have a powerful team.

In the section of Technology and Sciences of El Comercio we test some of the most demanding games of the moment in a Galaxy S10 Plus of Samsung, the most powerful model – until the next August 7 the Galaxy Note 10 is launched – of the South Korean company.

Tests with the Galaxy S10 Plus


Mortal Kombat 11

Asphalt 9

What is playing with a Galaxy S10 Plus?

The Galaxy S10 Plus incorporates a processor (CPU) Snapdragon 855 eight-core, the most advanced of its kind, which gives it great power and speed when executing all kinds of tasks, including games with advanced graphics. In addition, it is capable of handling these games, without slowing down the pace with delays or frequent reduction of frames per second (FPS)

The cell phone has a Smart performance adjuster based on an artificial intelligence that analyzes game patterns to optimize it. Thus, as the action develops, said system works to provide stable processor and graphics card (GPU) performance, keeping the game stable.

Another feature of this device is its high resolution screen and 6.4 inches. Its intense colors add depth and realism to the games. Also, the screen has been optimized so that it does not fatigue the view and can enjoy long-lasting sessions.

To these attributes it is necessary to add his system of refrigeration by steam chamber to avoid overheating-something frequent when using applications that demand many system resources- and enjoy more hours of play.