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Why is the iPhone battery designed to last a day?


Every September we meet a new flagship of the Apple smart phone section, however since the beginning of time we all deny for the same reason. The battery capacity is significantly lower than the capabilities offered by other high-end devices in other brands. Meanwhile, all Apple fans end up disappointed for the same reason. Although the battery offers enough capacity for a day, there are not a few who end up wanting two or three and day batteries, and they have not just appeared, but now that Apple offers its own cases with portable battery, Why is the iPhone battery designed to last a day?

As they say in CultofMac, the scientific director of Wildcat Discovery Technology, Dee Strand, says that in recent years the performance of lithium-ion batteries has improved considerably. The problem ends up being the same in all editions, the new features, especially software, ended up draining the battery even sometimes higher than the level at which its performance grows. Strand himself said:

I like that and ask when we are going to create a battery that lasts several days. The answer is never. With all the improvements in batteries, the only thing that mobile companies think is to add more and more features that consume battery, since it is what users really demand. The screen is bigger, brighter, more applications … All these features are designed so that by combining them they end up with the battery in one day. The batteries will continue to improve, no doubt, but the phones will continue to have more features and features, so they probably never end up lasting more than a day.

New functions, new battery, same duration


The whiting that bites its tail, day after day, year after year. In essence it is impossible for the battery to improve noticeably, although it does so overlapping. Each CPU is superior, and no matter how optimized it is, it will end up consuming at least the same energy as the previous version. In the next iPhone model we will also find the mobile data chip that allows 5G connections, and we were not fooled again, they promised improved consumptions with 4G – LTE and nevertheless the consumptions were remarkably superior to those of 3G, for a simple reason, the limited coverage of the new networks which forces to constantly change the band .

On the other hand we find multitasking on devices such as the iPad Air 2, with Night Shift on iOS 9.3, with increasingly large screens, more speakers, more GPU … In short it is almost impossible for the iPhone battery to last longer than hard.

Why does Apple use smaller batteries than the competition?


What more would I want to give you a quick and simple answer for this. We all know that Apple routinely uses batteries with mAh performance significantly lower than the competition. For example, The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a capacity of 3000 mAh, while the iPhone 6s Plus 2750 mAh having a lower resolution. It forces us to question ourselves about how long the iPhone’s battery would last if it had the same capabilities as the high-end of other brands.

Most likely with the iPhone 7 we will find more of the same, a battery lower than the high-end of other brands excusing themselves in the thickness of the device. However, despite the fact that iOS makes great battery management, there is still a lot to improve, it is almost impossible for an iPhone 6 or 6s to reach two days, almost all of us are forced to charge the device during the night and it seems that it will remain that way for a while. Meanwhile it is good to know from the hand of scientists who understand batteries, it is not their fault that the battery seems to grow by tiny steps.

This way you can charge the iPhone battery faster

If the autonomy of the iPhone is only one day, these tips to charge the battery faster can help you in case you are in a hurry.

They are quite simple tricks but that cut the loading time necessary to reach 100%.

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