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Why closing applications is bad for the battery?


If you read me often, you will have seen how more than once I have warned that closing applications is not only unnecessary, but it is also an absurd consumption of performance and therefore of battery, but I have never clearly explained the reason for my posture . Perhaps today is the time to make clear what I mean by these words. Many have that mania integrated in the bowels of their being, I admit that I had to overcome it in my time, as an ex-Android user, for me to close the applications was a matter of performance rather than order, releasing RAM meant a lot in those moments of Android Gingerbread. Then there are those who think that they save battery by not having “open” applications, which is completely crazy, unless it is clear, that you do not have the background activity section well managed and have unnecessary applications at full speed.

This technique is more difficult to understand than to explain, I know from experience. The concept is simple, we must break this habit, especially if we are iOS users, the phone already does it for us. When closing an application from multitasking, we not only do not save the battery, but we drain it more quickly Since Apple has an effective management system for iOS applications that are not active, as well as the consumption of resources that these applications require, an illustrative example is Spotify, have you put to download a long list of songs to have them offline? Consequently, the application will remind you that if it is in the background or at rest it will stop downloading the music, why ?, because iOS does not allow you to consume these huge resources without being an application in use, there is an example so we can see that It just works.

The fact that it saves battery closing is definitely a myth and not only because of what I have told you, but also because it will affect the charging times of that application that we have conveniently closed, that is, if we definitely close Twitter, we will have to go back to Open it completely, it will increase the charging time, downloading images, and therefore, spend more battery. Once we leave an application by pressing home the application is suspended, the use of the CPU is not aware of that application but superficially, to increase loading times.

Remember, you should only close an application permanently if it is an application that you use extremely little (and it is not necessary) or the application is running erroneously and we want to restart it, but doing this for reasons of performance improvement is not only not useful, It negatively affects him.

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