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Twist is Microsoft’s new app for iPhone photo retouching

Twist is Microsoft's new app for iPhone photo retouching

The world of photo retouching It has changed completely with the improvement of the cameras of the mobile terminals and with the arrival of applications that allow you to do everything from the phone. However, among social networks and available apps, the user already has an offer that is too wide in which he ends up choosing by knowledge of the developer or by recommendation of friends or family. Now Microsoft wants to fight on iOS and launches its own option to modify your images on the iPhone. It’s called Twist and it’s quite particular.

What does it do to Twist different from what we have seen so far? It is best to take a look at the video, although I assure you that there are not too many changes worthwhile. Of course, if you are looking for a new app to improve your images and you want to try something recently launched to the market that has the Microsoft guarantee, then it may be a good idea. Of course, consider that it is a fairly exclusive app, something that is already generating controversy.

The curious about the Twist release It is the fact that it is only available in the App Store in the United States. The truth is that nobody understands why it is only available there, since it is assumed that Microsoft should want to reach the global public, and not just an audience located in a single country. Anyway, the app can be downloaded for free and also, even if you are not in the United States, if you use the trick to download them from there, you could be the first to try it. ¿Compensa? I think that is something you should evaluate yourself in the video of presentation of its qualities. And if you want, or have already tried it, you can use the comments to tell your feelings to all other readers.

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