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These are the 153 animated Apple Watch emoji


There are a total of 153 emoji in animated which will help us express ourselves without the need to enter any text and can now be downloaded for use from any other device. It is worth downloading the ones you like best to use on your computer or any device.

The Web Giga Apple, and from iPhone News we thank you for the work done, it is who offers us the ability to view and download each and every one of the 153 animated emoji of the Apple Watch. There are three types of emoji: normal emoji, hearts and “pantomimes”, such as hands that greet, for example.

Many of the emoji are available in different colors, like the smileys, which are in yellow and red, or the hearts, which are available in red, purple and blue. In the list offered by Giga Apple we have them all in GIF format, so it is not necessary to convert them to any format to be able to share them. As I said before, if we want to use them on an iPhone or iPad, we will need the destination application to be compatible. For example, we can send the emoji by Telegram (as a file), but we cannot send them by WhatsApp or Twitter natively (they could be tweeted with Workflow, for example).

Do not miss the opportunity to express yourself in a much more visual way. I’m going to download the ones I like the most right now. We leave you with a few. Below them you have the link to the Giga Apple website with all of them.

View and download 153 Apple Watch Emoji

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