The visitor center of the Apple Campus cost 80 million

Apple is taking the calculations of what it is costing or will cost Apple Campus 2, especially considering that the Visitor Center that will have an Apple Store and a cafeteria could amount to almost eighty million dollars. This center is currently under construction that Apple will enable so that visitors can buy and have a coffee in the surroundings of Apple Campus 2. It is known that Apple has already begun with the construction of this center thanks to the filtration of the necessary permits by the competent municipality.

It was BuildZoom who leaked the approval to the building permit for Apple during the month of Apple. In fact, this budget of almost eighty million dollars, does not have an extra of up to 26 million dollars that will cost the creation of an underground parking of up to 684 individual places, which will be just below that center of visitors of colossal sizes .

Apple has already used more than 105 million dollars in the construction of this project. Apple is spending around $ 4,000 per square meter, nothing more and nothing less than this huge amount of money. But Apple is putting all the meat on the grill with Campus 2, especially when they freed the workload to designer Jony Ive with the intention that he was also contributing his grain of sand in the project.

Based on the already classic glass structure, it will have a large cafeteria and an Apple Store inside, a considerably large size. However, it is the excess of budgets that brings more headaches to the team in Cupertino. We have seen Campus 2 grow with the many drone view videos that we have shared from this website.

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