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The 15-year-old Spanish who is all the rage on the App Store

The 15-year-old Spanish who is all the rage on the App Store

Lars Ter Meulen Photo

The young woman who heads the picture is Lucia Sanchez, a Spanish teenager who learned to program with only 12 years of self-taught and has now formed her own video game developer. This young self-taught already has her first game in the iOS App Store. His passion for technology reached the young age of 10, when he was already disassembling electronic devices to know what was happening inside them, an awake and creative mind that never stopped working until its mission was achieved. A young programmer with a lot of future than we hope to have more news over time.

Caste comes to the greyhound, as the saying goes. Lucía Sánchez is the daughter of the General Director of the Spanish company Energy System, based in Alicante, a character that has greatly influenced his development and entrepreneurship to get where he is today, with the future very well painted.

The funny thing about the story is that Lucía Sánchez was nothing more than a young woman who went to the institute like any other, so her eagerness to learn to program had to be self-taught. Through free online courses and the famous YouTube video tutorials he learned everything he could and more, the network is currently the largest source of knowledge we can find in the world, you just have to know how to use it, you can use it to waste time, or to create things, and the latter is the utility that Lucia Sanchez wanted to give her.

He barely combines the institute with his eagerness to program and his videogame developer, although it is going to get harder and harder, due to the demands of the studios, she remains determined to move forward. His company, Unicorn Games, emerged after the creation of Crazy Block, a game that garnered more than 7000 downloads and that lands on the App Store where the first reviews have been fantastic. If you want to try it, we leave you the link so you can take a look.

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