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Steve Jobs receives 2 nominations for the Hollywood Oscars


The last film about the life of Steve Jobs has passed without sorrow or glory through the American market, where they have only managed to raise just over 10 million dollars, when the total cost of production amounted to 60 million, 30 of the which were destined only to buy the rights of the film that were in possession of the Sony production company, which was for more than a year, spinning the film until it finally gave up and sold it to Universal Studios. But at least the film has obtained good reviews from the film industry and as proof of this we have the various nominations that the film has received in recent months.

The last nominations that the film has obtained correspond to the Oscars of the Hollywood Academy, which in its 88th edition, has just announced the candidates and where we can find Michale Fassbender nominated as best actor and Kate Winslet nominated in the category of best Supporting Actress. The gala will be held on February 28 at the Academy Theater located in Beverly Hills.

A few days ago the Golden Globes were held, where the film was eligible for four nominations, but only obtained two of them in the category of best supporting actress and the best screenplay adapted for Aaron Sorkin. Michael Fassbender, like the producer of the soundtrack, left empty-handed.

Following the nominations, last week the last film about the life of Steve Jobs, he received three nominations for the awards of the British film industry, the BAFTA, where again Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet and Aaron Sorkin in their respective categories.

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