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Snowden says the FBI request is stupid

Edward Snowden

The legal dispute currently facing Apple with the FBI seems to be getting along, as well as two institutions that have taken their disagreement to court can be taken. But the activist Edward Snowden He appeared at a conference using words that are no longer so measured, saying that the FBI request is a “stupidity”, although the word in English is a little less soft: “bullshit”, which according to what a South American person I knew told me can be translated more directly as “asshole.”

Why does Snowden say that? According to the activist, the FBI can unlock iPhone 5c from one of San Bernardino snipers without the help of Apple, which demonstrates that US law enforcement does not intend for Tim Cook and company to help them unlock a single phone from a specific terrorist, if not create a precedent or press for both Apple and other technology companies to facilitate access to any device using special software or weakening the security of operating systems.

Edward Snowden confirms that the FBI does not want to unlock just one phone

The FBI says that Apple has the “exclusive necessary technique” to unlock the phone. With all due respect, that’s a douchebag.

Snowden has already described on another occasion how the FBI could physically extract the security code from the iPhone chip and has now linked to an explanation of how law enforcement could skip the auto-erase function of data. The method is available on the ACLU website and states that the number of attempts is saved in the NAND flash memory of the device.

All the FBI needs to do to avoid any irreversible self-erasure is to copy that flash memory before attempting to enter the security code 10 times. That way you can try again indefinitely, because you can restore the NAND flash memory of your backup.

It is clear that, as time goes by, it goes decreasing the credibility of the FBI. Even at this point I imagine that those who are on the side of law enforcement and against Apple in this case will begin to doubt. Leaving an open door, it is 100% certain that they will end up stealing or doing something worse. The question is “Why does the FBI ask me to leave the door of my house open if it knows it can enter through a window?”

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