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Siri does not stop growing, now makes "beatbox"


Siri answers many of our questions throughout the days, without a doubt. Gradually Siri is growing to offer us greater help for our daily work. Apple set out to put the batteries with the arrival of Cortana, who was slightly superior to Apple’s assistant. But Siri always saves us a little room for humor, and there is practically no month that we do not discover a new surprise about the curious responses of this travel companion of our iOS devices. We show you on video the result of asking you to “beatbox” for us.

There is always an American bored enough to consult Siri’s true follies, in this case they have asked him for a “beatbox” and the result has been disturbing, after hearing and identifying the request he releases a supposedly melodic stanza in which he repeats : “boots and cats, boots and cats …“. It may not make any sense, but it does, since it is a method used by many people who want to start in this world of melody made through oral sounds.

The strange thing about all this is not that there is someone somewhere in the world asking Siri for this, but that there is an Apple engineer who has dedicated his time in programming the virtual assistant to perform this function. We must also bear in mind that for now we have not found a way to make it work in Spanish, so if you want to check it for yourself you have to configure Siri in English. Although with the video that we have left up there it is enough to appreciate how bad music is given and the rhythm of poor Siri, it sounds, well, that, a bit robotic. We will continue to make regular requests with the intention that it does not rain much.

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