Siri can help you and we show you how

One of Siri’s enormous advantages is that allows us to access most of the functions from the lock screen, without having to unlock the device, which gives us much faster and more convenient access to internet searches, to make calls or send messages, or to consult nearby establishments such as restaurants. For other functions it will ask us to unlock the device, especially when it requires opening an external application.

The arrival of Siri to the Apple Watch is being a “relaunch” of the virtual assistant thanks to the convenience offered by the Apple watch to perform all these tasks, but the reality is that the same can be done from our iPhone or iPad and many they know. There is still much room for improvement, like Siri’s rumored arrival on Apple TV to allow us to control our devices from the living room, or to Apple computers. It would also be an interesting option and that Apple could incorporate in its next version for mobile devices (iOS 9) the possibility that third-party applications have access to Siri, as happened in iOS 8 with Touch ID.

The best accessories for your iPhone

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