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Reaction of different children when trying an Apple Watch

Reaction of different children when trying an Apple Watch

The Apple watch, like it or not, it is still the talk in the main audiovisual media, as we have waited too long to have this clock (in Spain we are still waiting) for the "fever" to pass us in a few days. So, each new day we can watch videos of different kinds that show us different situations, curiosities, functions and details that we had not yet seen.

Specifically, today's video brings us a most peculiar situation to face children to an Apple Watch for the first time, giving them the possibility of "slapping" a long time with him. As soon as you catch it, we can see by its reaction that it attracts your attention.

It should not surprise us that the little ones are done soon after with a result control and handling of the clock, since the exposure of these to different technological devices from an early age has made them a kind of technological “mini-experts”. Something that does surprise me is that all or almost all recognize that the device they are facing is the apple company clock, something that most likely would not occur so markedly in a country other than the United States.

However, the most curious thing is the reactions that occur as they see what the clock can do, to which most find that they can do the same actions with the smartphone. However, despite their initial thinking, most say they would buy it if they could. This confirms what we already knew and has been sold saying these months ago: we know that it does not give us a great added value, but still we yearn to have it for the sensations it causes us.

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