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Premium One W3, a base for all your devices

Premium One W3

Charging all your home devices can be a problem on many occasions, not only because you don’t have enough plugs but also because you don’t have space to place them all. Multiple charging bases have become a perfect solution to this problem, although it is difficult to find a base that suits all the different types of devices you need. The new Premium One W3 charging base is one of the most complete in this regard because it allows the charging of up to three devices at once, one of them being your Apple Watch. And if you don’t need so many options, they also have bases for one or two devices.

Premium One W3 is the most complete base of the manufacturer Enblue Technology, with two spaces reserved for Lightning devices that allow you to charge iPhones or iPads with this type of connector, and an Apple Watch. Lightning charging cables are included, as well as the charger with space for 4 connections, of which you will only use three, so you will still have one free for another device. What you will have to put is the charging cable for the Apple Watch.


The base is made of anodized aluminum, so it combines perfectly with any Apple device finished in that material. The cables are also perfectly collected in the base itself, and only two cables come out from the back: that of the Apple Watch and that of the two lightning connectors that are already split into two connectors to connect them to the charger (included).


The assembly is very simple thanks to the screws that are in the base and that discover the interior. Placing the Apple Watch cable is very simple, and fits perfectly into the receptacle enabled for it. It is also compatible with the mode “Bedside table” by allowing you to place the Apple Watch in landscape mode, and you will have no problem with any of the straps compatible with the Apple watch.


The small platforms on which the iPhone and / or iPad are located allow some movement, which makes them adapt without problems to your device with almost any case, even the thickest ones. The connector is also height adjustable. The small backrest behind each connector will make your device well placed without fear that if the connector suffers with the movements.


The Premium One W3 charging base is available in silver, black, silver and wood, and silver and Gray, for a price of € 139, which includes the base, the two lightning cables and the wall charger with four USB connections. You can buy it and get more information on the official Enblue website. You can also see the rest of the bases that have to adapt to all needs with more affordable prices.

Editor’s Opinion

Premium One W3

  • Editor rating
  • 4 star rating

€ 139

  • Premium One W3
  • Review of: Luis Padilla
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  • Careful design
  • Quality materials
  • Charge three devices at once
  • Includes charger with 4 USB and two Lightning cables
  • Other models available more affordable and with fewer connectors


  • Price
  • Does not include charger for Apple Watch

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