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Periscope triumphs in the Spanish App Store thanks to Piqu


Periscope, many will know this curious application that allows us to share via streaming what we are recording with our mobile device. However, many others did not know what that Periscope was until recent events. Periscope is an application that Piqué (central defender of the Football Club Barcelona) has been using for a couple of weeks. After the meetings, Piqué performs a free Periscope in which his fans can access to see the ins and outs of the return plane, the food of the players after the meeting and other curiosities. Once again, an application is popularized in the most curious way, and it was not exactly a success in Spain, so far, Periscope is located the third most downloaded free application for iOS.

We are not going to get bored with technicalities, Periscope is like broadcasting television from your mobile, a quick and easy way to end our data rate in a matter of hours. In addition, that video will be stored on the server so that those who were not available during the live can see it. Further, Periscope allows us to interact with the sender through messages and “likes”. This is how its developer sells it:

Periscope allows you to stream live video to the world. Leaving live will instantly notify your followers that they can join, comment and send you hearts in real time. The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen.

Other features:

  • When your broadcast is over, you can make it available for replay so viewers can watch it later. Viewers can repeat your broadcast with comments and hearts to relive the entire experience. The repetitions last 24 hours currently. You can delete your repetition at any time.
  • If you want to broadcast to specific people, press the lock icon before going live and choose who you want to invite to your broadcast.
  • You can choose to share your Periscope transmissions on Twitter by pressing the bird icon before starting the transmission. When you go live, you will tweet a link so that your Twitter followers can see it on the web (or in the application)
  • MANAGE NOTIFICATIONS: Periscope will recommend people to follow you based on your Twitter network. You can always follow new people or stop following them if you don’t want to be notified when they go live. You can also set notification preferences in the Periscope Settings (in Profile).
  • HEARTS: Hearts are an easy and fun way to tell the presenter that you are enjoying the broadcast. Press the screen to share the love!

Thus, an application has become a success in Spain thanks once again to the whim of a football player, this time it is the central defense of the Spanish team. If you want to see Piqué’s antics live, download Periscope before the next meeting.




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