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Overcast 2.5 is updated with performance and design improvements


Overcast is an application that allows us to listen to our favorite Podcasts. For many, the native iOS application is insufficient for their demands, which is why there is an interesting market within Podcast applications. Marco Arment is its developer, famous by the way, since it has other applications like Instapaper in its cast. Overcast allows us to listen to our favorite podcasts in a simple and centralized way, with a very interesting search engine, in addition to issuing notifications. The application is at the height of its development and has currently received another new update that can make it more interesting if possible, with design improvements and implementations that could improve battery performance.

Night mode in Overcast 2.5


Since the arrival of Overcast 2.0 one of the most demanded functions was a night mode. More and more are the applications that are worried about the safeguard of our view, from the night mode passing the change of tonality of the screens. Overcast 2.5 comes with a fully implemented night mode, wearing white and light blue tones on a background and frames in different ranges of gray. In addition, now the application supports San Francisco typography, one of the novelties of iOS 9 in order to break a bit with the past, such as iOS 7. These new shades are better to use Ovecast at night, without a doubt.

In addition to all this, it is now possible to set upload patterns and DRM-free audio files for our own personal use, that is, not being public.

Improved battery life


Another of the main complaints of some Overcast users was the battery life. Intensive use could literally leave our iPhone bare, however, It seems that the developer has taken it into account and wanted to minimize the impact that the application has on the battery. Apple does not help this at all, and it does not provide API developers with the intention of using less battery in the processing, however, some private APIs have allowed Marco to improve Ovecast 2.5 consumption and it is something that without Doubt is welcome by all users.

In addition to becoming more efficient, the visualization of equalization was one of the main reasons for battery drain (many users actually deactivated it), Now this display has been integrated in the pause button, which makes it more efficient and useful.In addition, the developer has perfected the user interface to not allow excessive battery consumption, as well as perform background playback more efficiently as in Podcast. The intention is to make the application more sable in real conditions. Efficiency tests have been carried out and the performance seems to have been significantly improved.

Overcast 2.5 has thus managed to have a consumption in the background (with the screen off) exactly the same as that of the official Podcast application provided by Apple. As for the consumption on the screen on, the consumption is slightly higher than Apple Podcasts, approximately 8% more. All this with the Smart Speed ​​and Voice Boost functions disabled, and these Overcast 2.5 functions do have a small impact on the battery as the developer has confirmed.

Finally, the developer has analyzed the consumption of Overcast 2.5 in terms of playback with wired and wireless headphones. Overcast performs a minimum consumption identical to that of Apple Podcast with cable headphones, however, the consumption is greatly increased depending on the type of wireless headphones we use.

Other functionalities

This has not been everything, and is that Overcast 2.5 brings a few more surprises that we are going to list

  • Possibility to erase all episodes of a coup podcast
  • The directory window closes automatically after adding a podcast
  • Synchronization has been implemented and is now much faster

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