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New phishing attack tries to steal Apple ID from users


Watch out. As Pedro Rodas warns us, our partner of has redibed an email in which he is notified that his iPhone has been blocked because someone has tried to steal it, inviting him to modify his data on the website of “My Apple ID ” The problem is that it is a attack of what is known as Phishing, a practice in which a malicious user tries to impersonate a person or organization to get our credentials to misuse them.

As you can see, they have created a website very similar to that of Apple, but in the fake web no we can click on the tabs from the store, such as Mac, iPhone or Watch, tabs that also do not appear in the same order. In addition, in the mail, which you have a capture below, ask for our “iPhone ID”, something that Apple would never do for not existing.

As Pedro points out, the mail has arrived in English to a Spanish-speaking user, something Apple would never do either. It makes no sense to ask me to validate my account in a language I don’t understand. And, worst of all and as usually happens in this type of fakes, there are spelling mistakes, as is “apologize” when the correct word is “apologize” or the absence of words like “here TO validate”, not to mention that iTunes has the lowercase T.

If we click on the email link, send us to iTunes Connect, a service that is supposed to be for developers and, of course, the text of the URL is not green, as it is on the original Apple website, which you have a screenshot below.


If we put our credentials, which I wanted to send a “loving” message to the creator of the web (in the form of a fake email and password), he sends us to a website to put all our data. No matter what data we put, we will never get any error, even when we put letters on the number of our card. In the end, a message will appear that everything is correct and will take us to, not to the website of our country.


You have to be very careful with these types of requests. As we have explained, if we ever had a problem like the one that we are supposed to be invited to solve in this phishing attack, Apple would send us an email in our language, without spelling mistakes and with a link to a short website, never as the link of this email, which will appear in green in Safari. Of course, there is no iPhone ID, but it is a general Apple ID, which will be useful for our iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and any device that has an apple bitten as a logo.

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