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Microsoft offers a juicy discount if you deliver your Apple Watch

best buy apple watch

best buy apple watch

Microsoft has initiated another of those supposedly business strategy movements that are so appealing to those of us who are dedicated to inform you. And is that Microsoft wants to sell if Microsoft Band 2, and so much that if you want it, like that offers you a discount of up to $ 250 in the acquisition of this smart bracelet from Microsoft in exchange for your Apple Watch. The discount is really incredible, taking into account the characteristics of the clear change. However, what we are not too clear about is why someone would want to exchange an Apple Watch for a Microsoft Band 2 when they are totally different devices.

This program from Microsoft, offers 150 dollars discount in exchange for the Apple Watch Sport in aluminum, 200 dollars for the Apple Watch of 42mm steel and 250 dollars for any large model that also includes a Milanese strap or similar. If we consider that Microsoft sells Microsoft Band 2 for $ 250, the change would be for 100% of the final price of the product. We do not know exactly if you are losing or winning with the change. What I do not understand in any case is that someone wants to change an Apple Watch for a Microsoft Band 2, when they are devices that resemble as much as an egg to a chestnut.

This is not all, because the Apple Watch is only one of those who accept, they also take many Fitbit devices, Sony and Nike, we are not going to throw it away, they are changing it. Although the changes and the price referring to the other devices of other brands represent an almost negligible amount of money, as much as you will receive $ 10 for a Fitbit Flex, which certainly does not compensate at all, at least if the bracelet works. Anyway, in wartime any hole is trench, and Microsoft wants to sell the Microsoft Band 2 anyway, in times of crisis bartering has returned.

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