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Many leaks and rumors in our weekly podcast

Many leaks and rumors in our weekly podcast

If there is something to highlight this week is the amount of leaks and rumors that we have been able to see around all the issues related to the next iPhone models. On the one hand, the iPhone 5 SE, which will be presented -in theory- in the next special event that will take place this Monday, March 21. On the other, the iPhone 7, from which begin to emerge more than suspicious leaks from the Asian world.

We review this news and other topics, such as the tests Instagram would be doing to replace your current chronological timeline on the other, ordered by algorithms (in the purest Facebook style), some novelties in the iOS game that promise to give a good touch of fun to the lives of the most gamers, as well as the launch of a short animated film on iTunes Kung Fu Panda 3.

This podcast has been recorded by: ► Juan Colilla► Luis del Barco

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