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Just Mobile Quattro Back case review

Funda Quattro Back

This time we are going to talk about the Quattro Back case from the same manufacturer. This case offers us a touch of distinction that differs from most cases that we can find in the market, for offering us finished in genuine leather finished in an artisanal way and available in several colors. The leather of the tasera part is soft to the touch, confirming that it is genuine leather and not a plastic material that degrades rapidly with the passing of days.

Quattro Back case features

Reinforced Polycarbonate Chassis

The chassis made of reinforced polycarbonate offers us a good resistance to shocks as well as allowing the case to be light enough so that we hardly notice the excess weight it can confer in addition to allow shock absorption without breaking.

Leather finish

Microfiber inner lining

Accessibility to buttons and connections


This case is compatible with iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus models.


The Quattro Back case offers some dimensions of 16 x 8 x 1 cm and has a weight of 29 grams.

Available colours

Unlike other models, where black is the only color available, the Quattro Back case is available in beige, black, gray and pink, all of them combine perfectly with the colors in which the latest iPhone are available.


The price for the case in any color for the iPhone 6 / 6s is 39.95 euros, while the case for the 6 Plus / 6s Plus model amounts to 44.95 euros. Both models are available directly through the Just Mobile online store.

Editor’s Opinion

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 39.95 to € 44.95

  • Quattro Back case
  • Review of: Ignacio Sala
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  • High quality leather
  • Finish
  • Protection
  • Light

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