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Jony Ive talks about his relationship with Steve Jobs and the design



Charlie Rose, the popular journalist, has returned to gather information on the Apple issue, after his analysis in 60 minutes about the world of development in Cupertino, returns to the charge, this time with a very interesting interview with Jony Ive, the Apple design chief who has been in the company for many years and who is considered the leader of the clean designs of iOS and products Apple hand in hand with the late Steve Jobs. In fact Jony Ive was a signing of the latter, who was enchanted by the way Sir Jonathan Ive saw the world of design in combination with technology. We tell you what Jony has talked about his relationship with Steve Jobs.

The interview began by referring to the requirements that Apple kept intact for its employees, that is, those aspects in which an employee must shine enough to be considered in a selection process in order to work at Apple. Apple seeks to create a culture around innovation and design, not only monetary, a kind of ties that unite the user and the device, a way of making everything more spiritual.

We have very clear hierarchies here. Our job is not to make money for Apple. Our job is to make the best products we can. We trust them if they are good, if we are competent and do our job well, these products will be good and attractive, which will result in sales and finally money for Apple.

They also left room for curiosities, Jony Ive said that once he and Apple CEO Steve Jobs went shopping in Italy and talked about the changes that had occurred in the world of design and sales, how the design began to prevail, to be a characteristic to consider in each of the products, whatever the purpose.


He also told how in his first days of work at Apple, how he tried to please former Apple CEO Steve Jobs with his designs. However, they didn’t quite like his thoughts, since they thought he cared a lot for pleasing the boss and not creating real good products. This was a turning point, and Jony Ive realized that team culture was more important to create good products, leaving aside the personal weaknesses of each of the company’s characters.

Take the opportunity to comment that he sees himself as a designer of technology products, and talks about how difficult it is often to create the appearance of a device taking into account technical limitations.

I think that I am partly an artist, partly a designer, partly an engineer, partly a builder and partly an artisan. In all these aspects I am comfortable and I like to be surprised and let me know if I am wrong. I am the first to admit when I am wrong, it is important to be self-critical in this sector.

Finally, it has made it clear that Apple’s products and designs represent a series of beliefs, ideas and personalities that are intrinsic to the company. In fact he represented it like this: “Our products are a physical manifestation of a set of beliefs”. It is clear that Jony Ive is undoubtedly the key designer in the 21st century, where art becomes practically technology. Tomorrow will be impossible not to talk about Jony Ive in art history books, especially with the artistic concept that surrounds these times.

The interview lasted for thirty-five minutes, we leave the complete fragment above these lines, although YouTube subtitles are unfortunate, if you have a medium level of English it becomes a very interesting interview for anyone who is knowledgeable about the merits of the British designer.

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