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IPhone 6 continues to do damage to Samsung


Throughout yesterday, Samsung presented the net returns of the first fiscal quarter of this year 2015 with bad news (if we can understand how bad to earn billions of euros). Samsung Electronics reported a return of about 4,350 million dollars. However, this represents a 39% drop in net profit for the same year in the previous year, and it seems that the drop in their numbers is due to the success of the iPhone 6.

It is more than evident that the iPhone 6 is a phone that has done a lot of damage to companies that have high-end phones on Android, the reason is very simple, the screen size. There were a considerable number of users whose only excuse for not testing the apple system was the screen size, which Android flagships were dedicated to offering with quite considerable sizes and resolutions beyond the limit of useful logic. But then came the iPhone 6, with its 4.7 inches, ready to reach the palm of the most demanding with the size.

Although, at least in my opinion, Android migrators have arrived at the worst possible time (or almost), iOS is not even the shadow of what it represented, a polished and flawless system. Although, now it presents a series of functions and features that were only possible before if we had Jailbreak and that have been implemented from iOS 7 beyond the change of colors in the graphic interface. Apple promises a system in the purest iOS 6 style in terms of performance for iOS 9, and without a doubt, what we have not just arrived is what we expect.

The iPhone 6 is not only a bestseller, but also a scourge of rivals, especially those that offer high-end phones, who are those who are being affected by the huge sales of the same, since they are monopolizing only and exclusively that public. It would be absurd to say that the iPhone 6 may be taking market share of the low-end Microsoft Lumia for example.


Despite these latest financial reports, Samsung has a lot of faith in the “bluish” (catch the irony) edge of the screens of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and hope for the next quarter to significantly improve these numbers. Although we do not forget, who maintains the stability of the company is being, said by themselves, is the increase in the sale of mid-range phones, more specifically the Galaxy A Series.

Analysts believe that Samsung sold a total of 83.2 million smartphones in the first quarter, by contrast, Apple sold 61.2 million. In general numbers we would be fooled by Samsung figures, but we must take into account that they have a wide range of terminals, from the lowest range, as happened with the Galaxy Ace on its day that was sold as churros and that offered a user experience worthy of a Symbian, even the highest range within the Galaxy S and Note that work better or worse, are the ship par excellence of Android phones.

As we have just said, the high number of sales that Samsung has left allows it to recover the title of the largest smartphone manufacturer, however, many of those sales represent restrained price phones and not the flagship devices, causing profits to be lost. year more. So why not say it, the iPhone 6 and its screen magnification has been a huge lunge to Samsung, competing for the first time in screen size between the iPhone and the Galaxy.

No doubt the demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge has been high, but after observing the bluish problems of its screens and the stock limit I would not be as optimistic as the lords of Samsung.

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