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iOS 9, lots of noise and few nuts


The keys to neglecting iOS

These points are clear and simple, diversification is to blame, Apple has its head on other issues because it knows one thing, that customer loyalty is maximum, the satisfaction scale last year of the owners of an iPhone according to Marketing Insight was 798 points out of 1000, almost two hundred points above the closest follower that was LG, on the other hand in third position was Samsung with 600 points.

It is clear who are the users who are going to complain less, those of the iPhone and they know it. This is another reason why the iPad’s shocking fall in sales has not moved a hair from the back of their neck, they are not worried if the iPhone is sold as churros, their tablet is the number one in the market and now they are going to invade your living room and your wrist.

Steve Jobs (QEPD) said “Some say we give customers what they want, we prefer to find out what they will want before they know it”Without a doubt, this policy has disappeared from the Cupertino plants, and today more than ever they are giving customers what they want, on the other hand, what they deserve.

Excellence is behind

The iPhone is the wild card and there is no urgent need to polish your Operating System to iOS 6 levels, you know, proof of this are the constant, insignificant and improper errors of Apple that are occurring in the form of bugs in the latest versions of iOS, although, it is fair to say that since iOS 8.2 they seem to have taken their work much more seriously, and gradually the system.

Have you ever dropped the words of Tim Cook that are going to start focusing on the purification of iOS, and that is what we are waiting for, however, the remarkable improvement in battery consumption produced after the launch of iOS 8.3 It makes us portend the best.


Apple has many things in mind, maybe too much, and I will not be the one who criticizes his latest actions and the drifts that his movements are taking, in fact I can say little when all the commercial analyzes would take away my reason, but I do not think I am the only user of iOS, which practically depends on the phone to Correctly perform their work that is showing their discontent for what seems like an abandonment by Apple.

However, the latest movements from Cupertino augur us good adventures for iOS users and we will all look forward to WWDC 15 that will begin on June 8 where we expect an iOS 8 loaded with improvements and perfection, stability and integration so we can Get the most out of our 64-bit processors and we can say, now it shows.

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