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If the FBI wins, you can ask the Apple source code for Apple



The Department of Justice of the United States is not willing to give its arm to twist in the case it keeps open with Apple to be able to access the content of any device. According to The Guardian, the FBI has found a new method to pressure the Cupertino company: threaten to ask for the iOS source code (or so I see it) if Appe finally loses the case of the San Bernardino attacks.

According to The Guardian, the Department of Justice has already contemplated this possibility in a formal response to Apple, explaining that if Tim Cook and company refuse to create software that could provide access to the iPhone, there is no other possible way than to ask for the source code of the operating system. But why make this request now? If we think about it, this seems like a bluff from someone who doesn't have good cards in a poker game: they lie, they bet high and, whoever had the winnings, they get scared and leave the game so as not to lose out.

FBI: “Without back door? All right. In that case, you have to give us the private key. ”

Tim Cook already said he did not want the same Apple engineers who had improved iPhone security to spoil the work they had done in recent years, so the FBI would ask for the iOS source code to do the work themselves .

The FBI cannot modify the Farook iPhone software itself without access to Apple's source code and private electronic signature (…) The government did not seek to force Apple to do so because it believed that request would be less acceptable to Apple. However, if Apple prefers that path, it must provide an alternative that requires less work for Apple programmers.

In any case, as I said earlier, I think this request is a bluff of someone who knows he has worse letters in this game, as has been demonstrated in the first assault in the courts, where Apple won because the forces of the law cannot use the All Writs Act for this case. As I always say, I hope so and that our private data remains private.

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