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How to use Facebook Messenger on your Mac

How to use Facebook Messenger on your Mac

Messages It is the messaging application that Apple includes in all its devices, but that is not very useful if we do not have many contacts with whom to use it since Only compatible with Apple devices (default). I like the application a lot, but I have the problem that I can’t use it with virtually anyone. Fortunately, there is a way to use it on our Mac computers that it deserves and is none other than use it with our Facebook account.

In the following guide we will show you how to chat with your Facebook contacts from the native OS X messages application.

How to use Facebook Messenger on your Mac from the Messages application.

  1. We open the Messages application and go to Add Account.
  2. We will see that we can add Google accounts, Yahoo! and Aol, but we are interested “Other Messages account“.If you do not know what your user is, you just have to enter your Facebook page and copy what we see in an image like the following.