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How to transfer your iTunes library to another computer


We continue to explain details about iTunes, the application for Mac and Windows that allows us to manage the multimedia library of our iOS devices, install applications, restore devices or create backup copies. Today we are going to see how can we export our library to use it on another computer, something useful if we have bought a new computer, or simply want to make a backup for any eventual format of our computer. It is a simple process that can save us a lot of time.


It is a very simple process but it can have different paths, although everyone in the end looks for the same. Today we are going to explain the one that I usually use, which seems to me also the simplest, and which basically consists of export the folder that contains the entire library to another location.


That folder is none other than “iTunes.” The location of it for Mac OS X users is very clear, within the “Music” folder. For Windows users it is something more “hidden” but it is not complicated either. Depending on the version of Windows that you use the routes vary somewhat:

  • Windows XP: Documents and SettingsusernameMy documentsMy music
  • Windows Vista: UsersusernameMusic
  • Windows 7 and 8: Usersusername My music

That iTunes folder is the one that contains your entire library: music, applications, videos, podcasts, etc. Save it to your external hard drive if you want to make a backup, or transfer it to the same location on the other computer if you are going to use it with it.

An important detail is that if you are going to use a new computer, previously you must authorize it so you can have access to all applications, music and videos downloaded from the App Store or iTunes. To do this, in the iTunes menu, in “Store” select “Authorize this computer”. Remember also that if you are going to stop using the old computer you must withdraw the authorization, because you can only authorize five computers.

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