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How to transfer your Health data to a new iPhone


The iOS backup is fine but … What if the only thing we want to transfer to our new device is health data without restoring a backup?, the solution is easier than it seems. When we acquire a new iPhone we often like to start from scratch, without installing backup copies, to enjoy the iOS experience as clean and stable as possible, without dragging previous problems or simply because we feel like touching our new device while configuring the entire system. and download our applications. However, thanks to a new program we can transfer our Health information without using the iPhone backup and therefore, without dragging data that we do not want, only these.

This program is called Decipher activity transfer and it is a free utility for OS X and Windows, which allows us to extract only Health and Activity data from a backup that we have saved in iTunes in encrypted form to later add all this data to a new iPhone device without major problems. The idea is that we can use the tool to install only that data, and be able to leave the rest of our new iPhone or iPhone restored completely clean. However, for this we will need the Apple Watch and its backup, since this data transfer is much more useful for those who use the Apple Watch and have a huge amount of Health data stored in it.

How to transfer your Health data to a new iPhone without restoring

  1. Download the program from THIS link.
  2. Unlink the Apple Watch (which will create a backup of Health data).
  3. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and create an encrypted backup.
  4. Close iTunes after copying and start the downloaded application.
  5. Click on proceed with the transfer, select the file you wish to transfer and click on “decrypt”.
  6. Now the Health app has the data, so you can re-pair the Apple Watch that you have unlinked from the previous iPhone.
  7. You can now enjoy all your Health data.

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