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How to transfer the iTunes library to another computer

How to transfer the iTunes library to another computer

If you are music lovers it is logical that you have a multimedia library well ordered by artists, records, dates, etc. But what happens if we format the computer or want to transfer our entire library to another computer? It can be a nightmare to start from 0.

A great evils, great remedies. iTunes allows us to transfer a library to any Windows or Mac computer with a few simple steps, so that our library will always come with us and will always be updated and perfectly organized. In the following guide we will show you how to transfer our entire iTunes library to another computer.

How to transfer an iTunes library to another computer

The following tutorial is made for Mac computers, but the system is the same for Windows computers. The difference is in the last step, with Windows having its own route different from the Mac path.

On our old computer

  1. Open the Finder and go to the folder of Music. We will see a folder called iTunes.
  2. We copy the iTunes folder on a USB or external hard drive. It goes without mentioning that the capacity of the USB or external disk must be greater than the size of our library.

In our new computer

We will simply do the opposite way we did on the old computer.

  1. We connect our external disk or USB to the new computer.
  2. We navigate to the folder that contains the iTunes folder We got from our old computer.
  3. We copy the iTunes folder inside the Music folder.

And that’s it. I do this process every time I do a clean installation of OS X. The only thing you have to have a little patience depending on the size of our library (in my case it is hundreds of gigabytes). Previously and with other players, I had to reorder my entire library every time I had to transfer it to another computer, but iTunes allows me with these simple steps to have a library always updated.

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