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How to transfer music to AppleWatch


If we go jogging, we train in a gym or do some kind of work, we can hear music stored on our Apple Watch, for which you have reserved a 2GB space. We do not have the same options that an iPhone offers us, and more that it will offer us with the arrival of iOS 8.4, but it does offer us more comfort. All we have to do is synchronize a playlist of our iPhone. It is transferred without wires and, best of all, is simple to do.

How to transfer music to Apple Watch

  1. We open the Apple Watch application on our iPhone.
  2. We play in My watch.
  3. We play in Music.
  4. We play in Synchronized Lists.
  5. We play on the list We want to synchronize

Once the list finishes synchronizing, we will have it available for playback on our Apple Watch.


How to play local music on Apple Watch

  1. We open the application Music in our Apple Watch.
  2. We make a press and hold to access the options.
  3. We play in Source.
  4. We play in Apple watch.
  5. We match the Apple Watch With a Bluetooth headset.
  6. We choose the song what do we want to hear


I know that some users may not find it necessary to have a bluetooth headset to be able to hear the music stored on an Apple Watch, but it seems logical to me that the space required by the 3.5mm audio jack on a device is not wasted of so few dimensions, not to mention how unsightly it would be to have a cable attached to our hand.

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