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How to remove raz certificates from your iPhone or iPad


Many will know the recent controversies about Apple and root certificates. The Cupertino company has removed a lot of content blockers from the App Store that based its operation on the installation of root certificates, since they represent a potential risk to the privacy and security of users, at least they have stated from Apple to justify its removal. But nevertheless, it’s pretty easy to remove these root certificates from our devices through the iPhone Settings app, In iPhone News today we teach you how to remove them in less than a minute and without advanced knowledge of iOS.

In reality, it does not go beyond eliminating simple profiles installed on our iPhone, many will sound like “profiles” to Chinese, but those who have connected their devices to WiFi Enterprise networks with their iPhone or a large part of the Universities of Spain They will know well what we are talking about. These profiles are like the hallmark of our device, and allow us to identify ourselves safely and automatically in many aspects. To eliminate undesirable root certificates, we simply have to remove these installed profiles that create insecurity easily and quickly.

How to remove iPhone root certificates

  1. We enter the application of Settings of the iOS device.
  2. Click on the section general.
  3. We choose the option at the bottom Profiles.
  4. We will be able to observe the profiles, if none appears or the one that appears is our trust, better, we have nothing to worry about or root certificates that compromise our security.
  5. Click on the profile and the details are opened.
  6. Once inside, below it turns red “delete profile“, as simple as that.

Once the delete button has been pressed, you will request our security code, and after entering it the problem will be solved, the profile deleted and we will have finished. We hope it has helped you.

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