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How to put folders inside folders in iOS 9


Since the beginning of time one of the applications of Cydia considered essential for many has been FolderEnhancer. This tweak allowed us to skip the limitations that Apple imposed on the management of folders within iOS, thus being able to create pages within the folders and introduce all the applications we wanted regardless of the number. At the moment there is no Jailbreak for iOS 9, but nevertheless yes there is a little trick to be able to introduce folders inside folders without him. It is very easy and we explain how in this video.

Actually the procedure can not be easier, as you can see in the header video. Just put the icons in edit mode (shaking) and select the folder we want to move. Keeping that folder pressed we move it a little and with the other hand we press repeatedly and quickly on the folder in which we want to enter the first. In one of those clicks the folder will open and we can place the first folder inside. It requires a little practice but it’s really simple. It also seems that if you repeatedly click on the folder we try to do it on one of the small icons inside it is easier to open.

At the moment it is the only alternative we have to be able to place folders inside folders in iOS 9. Although Apple has eliminated many of the initial restrictions, we still do not have this option available in iOS 9. An important detail is that if at any time you restart your mobile the folders will return to their place, so you will have to repeat the procedure to re-enter the folders in your site. In the meantime, we are still waiting for a Jailbreak to appear that seems less and less necessary but still represents an escape route for many users who do not want to submit to Apple’s impositions.

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