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How to open an IPSW file on a Mac

Where does iTunes keep the firmwares of the iPhone, iPad?

Updating or restoring an iPhone, iPod or iPad is very simple, especially if we have already done so at least once. We can restore from the device (Settings / General / Reset / Delete contents and settings. But, be careful, do not do so to maintain the jailbreak) or from iTunes, just by clicking on “Restore iPhone”. But if the version we want to install is still signed, there is a third option, which is to download the .ipsw file and install it manually.

The process is really simple, but there are many people who do not know it and so you have let us know in your queries. The query is the question of this article:How it opens an .ipsw file on a Mac? Next we will tell you not only how it opens on a Mac, but also on Windows computers.

The first will be, of course, get the file with .ipsw extension (iPhone Software) for our device. The best page and the one I recommend is easy to remember: Once on, we will see three drop-down boxes in which we will indicate what type of device we want to download the firmware, what model and what version of iOS, as you see in the following screenshot.


Once selected, we will only have to click on the red arrow icon that has the text “Download” below. In usually unzipped files are downloaded, but online you are likely to find them in a .zip or .dmg file. Although it seems silly, it is important to unzip the file or, logically, we will not be able to access the .ipsw file.

Last but not least, we will have to open the file with iTunes. To do this, we will simply have to press the ALT key on Mac or Shift on Windows and click on “Restore iPhone” or “Update”, according to what we want to do. When you press the key before clicking, what we are telling you is to open a window where we will search the .ipsw file manually. Once we do, iTunes will connect to Apple’s servers, make its verifications and begin the installation.

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