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How to make iPad lyrics bold


Bold the letter on the iPad

  • First of all we must go to Settings, as we proceed whenever we want to modify any parameter of the configuration of our device.
  • Next we will go to the section general.
  • Within General, in the third block of options, click on Accessibility to open the menu where the customization options are for people with sight or hearing problems.
  • In the second block of options we find second Bold text with a tab to enable it. Once we have enabled the option, the iPad will force us to restart the iPad for the changes to take effect.

Once the device has been restarted, we will check by opening various applications as all the letters (other than images) are shown in bold, increasing the contrast with the background so that people with visual difficulties can use the device in a much easier way and without striving to visualize the text content it shows us.

If with this goat, people with visual difficulties still do not see the text displayed on the screen, Another option available on iOS is to increase the font size that shows. This option is shown just before Bold text.

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